CATV Erbium-yterbium Co-doped High Power Fiber Amplifier

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  • Port: Shenzhen
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    EYDFA CATV adopt multimode high power pump laser from world famous semiconductor company like JDS,Lumics etc. Built in optical power output stable circuit and laser thermoelectric refrigerator temperature stability control

    circuit, which ensure the best performance of the machine and long service life of laser. Microprocessor software monitor the working state of the laser, the working parameters will be displayed by digital panel (LCD).Once the working parameters of laser have deviation with the software Settings allow range, the microprocessor will automatically shut off the laser power, red light flashing reminder alarm, digital panel indicate the cause of the problem. Detailed equipment parameters report, please read the ”operation instructions”.



    Performance  characteristics

    ■ The output port 8 ~128 is optional, the output optical power is 0.5 up, and the downward 4.5dBm is continuously adjustable.

    ■ Front board radio frequency on-line monitoring function, convenient signal detection.

    ■ LCD screen display on the front panel, supporting the national standard class II network management


    ■ 19 2U standard rack, modular hot-plug dual power supply.



    Unit Parameters
    Wavelength nm 1540~1565
    output port PCS 8~128
    Input optical power dBm -10~+10
    Total output power dBm 31~40
    NRP(+3dBm,@1550M) dB ≤4.5
    Gain Flatness dB <±0.3
    Optical power output stability dB <±0.1
    Polarization sensitivity dB <0.2
    Optical connector SC/APC;SC/PC
    Pump working qty N 2∽3
    Saturated output power dBm max power27~32
    Power supply Vac 95~265
    Power Supply Vac -48 optional
    Working Temperature 0~50
    Dimension mm 2U(412×482.6×88)
    *Front panel RF-TEST dBuV 75±5
    power dissipation W ≤50

    2U Product  Series

    OAH-16×18 32dBm/1600mW 16 18
    OAH-16×19 33dBm/2000mW 16 19
    OAH-16×20 34dBm/2500mW 16 20
    OAH-16×21 35dBm/3200mW 16 21
    OAH-16×22 36dBm/4000mW 16 22
    OAH-32×16 33dBm/2000mW 32 16
    OAH-32×17 34dBm/2500mW 32 17
    OAH-32×18 35dBm/3200mW 32 18
    OAH-32×19 36dBm/4000mW 32 19
    OAH-32×20 37dBm/5000mW 32 20
    OAH-32×21 38dBm/6000mW 32 21
    OAH-32×22 39dBm/8000mW 32 22
    OAH-64×19 40dBm/8000mW 64 19
    OAH-128×16 40dBm/8000mW 128 16



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