What is Encoder-modulator ?

What is ENCODER? In Telecommunications, it is a device used to  change a signal or data into a code.
What is MODULATOR? In Telecommunications,it is a device to  transfer a digital bit stream over a bandpass channel.
In traditional digital cable system,one encoder requires one modulator,or with the help of multiplexer, several encoders
go with one multiplexer and one digital modulator. But this is no the smart way for hotels or hospitals in cost and setting up the system.
What people really wants is a device integrated the encoder and modulator into  
one and simply without much unnecessary setting. And that is what we gonna do.
Our SK-860** is a new generation encoder-modulator designed for the subscribers who want simple and quick


roll-out. It only takes 3 steps to set up a private cable system.
And comparing to the traditional system, SOUKA’s SK-16D ( 16 IN 1 ENCODER-MODULATOR HEADEND ) only
takes a small place in the rack and less power consumption. And most importantly, it is less $2,000 than the old system.
Come and inquire now VIA ada@greengoelec.com

Post time: Feb-07-2017
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